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About us

Liberty Health and Happiness was established by Dr Tony Croke and Tiffani Clingin in 1994 and has since then become one of the leading chiropractic, counselling and allied health centres in Australia.
Our practitioners are grounded, smart and safe, like you’d hope any health practitioner would be. But at Liberty we have a sense of possibility and optimism that you don’t often find elsewhere. Our workers are diligent and better trained than most, caring deeply for clients in an unparalleled manner.

Why choose us

The exceptional service we provide has merited us numerous regional, state and national awards.

We practice with a high regard for all people and welcome clients across the lifespan.

Liberty Health & Happiness

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We help people experience the freedom to participate in
their lives in a healthy, happy way.

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Your body is wise. If it has a symptom, it’s keenly inviting you to pay attention to something important. Working with that innate intelligence yields better results than simply trying to suppress symptoms with medications or give up on activities that matter to you.