About us

Liberty is about freedom.

We understand that you want the freedom to participate in your life in a healthy and happy way. That’s our goal for you too.

Dr Tony Croke and Tiffani Clingin have been service the people of Gisborne and surrounding areas since 1994. Liberty is one of the leading chiropractic, counselling and allied health centres in Australia.

Based on more than 25 years of experience and an understanding of the evidence base, we’ll make it very clear what we think is required to achieve a positive result with your case and outline an ideal approach as well as some alternatives to that ideal.

Our core values

The emotional connection we create with our clients means that the results they have
from their care means a great deal to our team.




We’ve created a beautiful space for you to receive top-quality health care

Our practitioners are grounded, smart and safe, like you’d hope any health practitioner would be. But at Liberty we have a sense of possibility and optimism that you don’t often find elsewhere. Our workers are diligent and better trained than most, caring deeply for clients in an unparalleled manner.


Tony graduated from RMIT in 1992 and moved to Gisborne with Tiffani after a stint in a great practice group…


Tiffani has been immersed in the study of contented people for many years. She graduated from RMIT in 1994 with a…

Dr Elise Schott

Elise also graduated from the 5-year RMIT chiropractic program. In her career, she has practiced throughout Ireland…

Chris Steffanoni

Chris is a remedial massage therapist with an advanced diploma of sports therapy. He has a background as an…


Mia lives in Trentham with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, chickens, a great garden and a thriving vegie…


Veronica lives with her husband, 3 children, 3 dogs, cat, horse, sheep, muscovy ducks and countless…


Monte works at Liberty so he can afford old man clothes from Savers and put money away for a car. He has a side…