Why choose us

We help people experience the freedom to participate in their lives in a healthy, happy way.

As a client of Liberty, you and your family will experience:

Safety and health – we’ll help you to get over what initially brought you to our practice and then prevent it from happening again. We know you understand that health is not merely the absence of disease and you want to thrive, rather than just survive.

Freedom – you work hard and want to enjoy the fruits of you labour with travel and recreational activities with friends and family. We help to provide the freedom to keep working and producing to meet your other wants and needs.

Certainty – you and your family can trust us with your health. We have your best interests at heart and we’ll always put service before self-interest.

Hope – we know that you may be frustrated that your body is breaking down. You may extrapolate your possible future health decline in your mind and don’t like what you see. We can help you bend that declining arc upwards. With our practice you can rest assured knowing that things can get better and, for the most part, stay that way.

Insight/A New Perspective – do you want to identify the underlying issue that makes your body an unsafe place to live? Learn how to correctly address that issue, rather than keep fighting “spotfires”, one symptom after another.

Love – do you want to matter to someone? At Liberty you can feel connected and cared for. We think about your care even when you’re not here.

Self-actualisation – bring out your best self. Get past your present circumstances and live a life of abundance and happiness. Protect your optimum health potential and commit to your health and happiness journey.


You may have noticed that the recommendations area of our Facebook page is switched off and we don’t share any stories about positive clinical results on our website.

Unfortunately, national legislation passed in 2010 prohibits all regulated health practitioners from using recommendations or testimonials in their advertising. Chiropractors, dentists, physiotherapists, medical practitioners, osteopaths and a host of other workers are barred from sharing client endorsements on any website, print and social media that they supervise and control.

However, we realise that nowadays a lot of people take note of peer reviews and recommendations when they are making healthcare choices and these legal changes have made it quite puzzling when trying to figure out who to rely on.

With this in mind, we sat down to work out the best ways to reassure you that our team of practitioners are worthy of your attention and confidence; to let you know that we can be trusted.


We’ve created a warranty that is super-simple: if you visit Liberty and you’re not altogether satisfied with your visit, please don’t pay on your way out. You have our word that you will not be questioned or harassed on this matter.

If tyres, houses and cars can have warranties, so can health professionals.


Under the law we are permitted to tell you that we have won a host of national, state and regional awards, including, but not only:

  • 2019 Winner, Bendigo Bank Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards: Excellence in Health and Community Services
  • 2018 Winner, Bendigo Bank Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards: Excellence in Health and Wellbeing
  • 2015 Finalist, Bendigo Bank Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards: Professional Services
  • 2013 Dr Tony Croke – Chiropractors Association of Australia (National) Outstanding Service Award
  • 2010 Dr Tony Croke – CAA (Victoria) Chiropractor of the Year
  • 2010 Winner, Powercor Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards: Environmental Responsibility Recognition Award
  • 2010 Finalist, Powercor Macedon Ranges Business Excellence Awards: Professional Services
  • 2008 Winner, Leader Business Awards – Health Services
  • 2007 Winner, Leader Business Awards – Business of the Year

Maybe this helps too …

Peculiarly, we are permitted to include favourable remarks that clients make about parking, the condition and atmosphere of the office, the demeanour of the staff and feedback about our open hours.

With consent from a handful of people, here’s some things they’ve said about the non-clinical aspects of care. These comments are on file at the practice if you’d like to see the originals.

“I love Liberty Chiropractic!”

“I would recommend this practice to my friends without reservation and already have x 3”

“Was extremely impressed how Elise called later that afternoon to check how I was after my first appointment. Great work – highly recommended! Would’ve preferred an alcoholic drink instead of tea, but all good LOL”

“My first experience of chiro was positive. Thanks”

“I find Liberty has a very warm, welcoming energy full of very genuine workers. I love the extra touches e.g. tea and water offered. During my treatment I especially like how much info I am given about what is going on with me, what it is, options on how to fix it, how and why you do things. I have very much enjoyed learning how chiro/Tony works. I would highly recommend anyone going to Liberty, as it can be frustrating feeling like you don’t know what is going on with your body.”

“What a wonderful environment and experience you provide to the community. Thank you!”

“When I had my first visit not knowing what was going to happen, I was a bit scared. But the minute I walked through the door, I relaxed. Just the welcome alone was fantastic … friendly and professional.”

Very high customer service. Great to be greeted by name. Clean reception area and a great selection of toys for younger kids makes bringing them to appointments easy.”

“Overall a good experience so far.”

“I really appreciate being able to get in and out quickly at a convenient time. Also Dr Tony’s desire to get to ‘root cause’ not treating symptoms.”

“Just continue doing what you’re doing! I have never received such kind and genuine care. The personal care for each person is amazing!”

“From my first appointment I have felt welcomed by all staff. Elise is fantastic and I am excited!”

“Keep up the exceptional service!”

We hope you will see these as a demonstration of our reliability and brightness. We’re looking forward to caring for you.

Based on more than 25 years of experience and an understanding of the evidence base, we’ll make it very clear what we think is required to achieve a positive result with your case and outline an ideal approach as well as some alternatives to that ideal.

We help people experience the freedom to participate in their lives in a healthy, happy way.

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