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Our Approach


Tiffani has been immersed in the study of people for many years.  She graduated from RMIT in 1994 with a Bachelor of Social Work and has 6 years of post-graduate training in psychotherapy and family therapy.  She is a Certified Professional Coach and a trainer for the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia. Tiffani is an accredited mental health social worker and a long term member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Tiffani works with people from across the lifespan, all united in their desire for personal fulfilment. She takes a solution-focused approach to the therapeutic partnership and uses a range of restorative processes including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT and other structured psychological treatments.

Tiffani works with a range of presenting conditions, including but not limited to: adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD, palliative care, grief and loss, and recovery from abuse.

In Spring Tiffani hosts an eight-week communication course for families, Parent Effectiveness Training. Previous participants unanimously say that the program is life changing.

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be shown a new way to communicate. The course has been a complete turning point in my relationships.” M. Ciavarella

The course has softened our home environment and relationships and decreased my anxiety. Tiffani is like a warm hug. She is very genuine and well skilled.” K. Back

The program has been life changing and I now feel confident that I wont fail as a parent. I’m happier, calmer, less resentful and our home life has improved. My husband and our friends have noticed that I am far less stressed. Tiff is absolutely wonderful.” D. Hajal

This was a total game changer. I feel more empowered and less fearful of the teenage years (which are fast approaching). I have noticed a lot of changes in my personal and professional life and my son commented how close he feels to me. Also, my children beam when they solve their own problems.” R. McQueen

Thank you for the amazing strategies. I feel much more confident about listening effectively and resolving conflict. Tiffani is a beautiful, funny and engaging instructor. Real life examples from her own family added a lot of understanding to the material.” Z. Hall

Wonderful, eye opening techniques that are very practical. This should be compulsory for parents every three to five years.” G Hastie

This is one of the best things I have ever done.” D. McKeown

The course is life changing and incredibly positive. I’ve changed my relationships with my kids, husband, friends and clients. I’m incredibly grateful to have this opportunity, especially to do this with my husband.” B. O’Farrell

I thoroughly enjoyed the program. My children keep telling me I have changed and they are happy about it! I am very sad that it is ending.” S. Steidl

I was angry, shouting at my kids, sometimes smacking them. I’d then feel terribly guilty about it. I was depressed and lost, desperately searching for answers. The course gave me the answers, a framework to resolve the issues in all areas of my life. The course has enabled me to communicate my needs and feelings effectively. It was completely life changing.” C. Sinclair

Such wonderful content and a gifted instructor made this one of the most powerful activities I’ve participated in. Tiffani is very inspiring, entertaining, confident and clear.”  J. Barham-Floreani

All mental health workers must participate in yearly professional development.  Tiffani always exceeds the required hours, frequently tripling the prerequisites. She is an exemplary mental health worker, meeting high ethical standards, practising with goodwill and decency.

She works in private practice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  55 minute appointments cost $150 and medicare rebates are available with a referral from your GP, both for one-on-one work and Parent Effectiveness Training.  She welcomes people from 13+.