Our difference

There are a number of things that make Liberty stand out from our competitors.

Our practitioners are grounded, smart and safe, like you’d hope any health practitioner would be. But at Liberty we have a sense of possibility and optimism that you don’t often find elsewhere. Our workers are diligent and better trained than most, caring deeply for clients in an unparalleled manner.

  • We’ve created a beautiful space to receive health care
  • Your body is wise. If it has a symptom, it’s keenly inviting you to pay attention to something important. Working with that innate intelligence yields better results than simply trying to suppress symptoms with medications or give up on activities that matter to you.
  • We’re respectful of your time. We plan our appointments so that we can stay on schedule.
  • We’re thorough. We test and re-test. We screen for red flags that might mean there’s an impending health emergency and refer to other practitioners appropriately. If something isn’t yielding the results we expect, we re-evaluate and look for another way.
  • We care. You matter to us. It’s more than a transactional relationship. 


Based on more than 25 years of experience and an understanding of the evidence base, we’ll make it very clear what we think is required to achieve a positive result with your case and outline an ideal approach as well as some alternatives to that ideal.

We help people experience the freedom to participate in their lives in a healthy, happy way.

How it works

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