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The chiropractic profession was founded in 1895 on the understanding that a properly functioning spine and nervous system plays in important role in human health.

What to expect

From the first minute you walk into our office, the emphasis will be on you. Your first visit will consist of a careful review of your health history and a thorough orthopaedic and neurological examination of your spine and nervous system. X-rays and other tests may be recommended to help determine your health needs. On subsequent visits, we’ll take the time to sit with you and show you exactly what we’ve found, and what those findings mean for your health – now and in the future. As much as possible, we want you to always know what’s going on ahead of time. Our fees are structured so that we are able to minimise the out-of-pocket expenses necessary for quality chiropractic care. We work in partnership with you. As you continue your chiropractic care, we will share simple, powerful tools to help you stay well between visits.

Helpful Resources

Do you work from home or are you stuck at a desk all day? Watch the below video for helpful tips.

We help people experience the freedom to participate in their lives in a healthy, happy way.

Based on more than 25 years of experience and an understanding of the evidence base, we’ll make it very clear what we think is required to achieve a positive result with your case and outline an ideal approach as well as some alternatives to that ideal.

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We help people experience the freedom to participate in
their lives in a healthy, happy way.

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